Digg’s “Take” on the Repercussions of the Net Neutrality Repeal

Digg aggregated a ton of different news sources and their opinions on what will happen after the full repeal takes effect.

  1. Two Tracks — Fast and slow lanes
  2. Mobile will be effected first
  3. Other countries will follow suit
  4. Small businesses will get hit the hardest
  5. The decision could make poverty worse

Check out the article for all the details and links to the corresponding sites…while you still can…


The FCC Just Voted To End Net Neutrality — Here’s How It Will Affect You

Jim Crow 2.0

Pedestrian Tickets Lead to Hundreds of Suspended Driver’s Licenses

“Over five years, a total of 2,004 pedestrian tickets were issued in Duval County, which is comprised almost entirely by the city of Jacksonville. Of those tickets, 982 people who failed or were unable to pay the fine lost their driver’s licenses or their ability to obtain one, according to the analysis.”