Health Care

Not Even Insurance Companies Want Obamacare Repealed

Single payer is the only solution. The free market is for consumable goods, not life necessities. When energy (a necessity for life) in California deregulated, we got screwed. When our retirement accounts (a necessity for living) in banks were deregulated, the banks screwed us. Back when fire departments were “free market”, it was a disaster. When ambulance services in San Diego were “free market”, they all slipped into bankruptcy, only to be saved by folding them into the SDFD where it excelled. Childhood hunger didn’t exist in the late 70’s when government was in charge of making sure people didn’t starve to death in America. After Reagan took that responsibility away and said the private sector could do it better, childhood hunger has since ramped up to 20% in the richest country in the world.

Government is for keeping people is alive, the free market is for everything else. When it comes to human life, the private sector NEVER DOES IT BETTER.


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