Dark Times

I’ve been seeing a lot of things that by themselves don’t seem very troubling, but when linked together, spell dark and dangerous times, not only for The United States, but for the whole world.

First I read this article from the NYT’s about how unstable democracies are and how we’re on the verge globally of losing many of them to strong-men dictators.

Then I was starting to notice how the first world nations seem to be slipping a little into a pre-Depression state. I thought we’d be able to control the backslide towards deregulation and a complete lack of moral fiber, and then Trump was elected and all hopes to avoid it went out the window. Throw in this great article from the Post, confirming my fears and it just made me a little more anxious.

Throw in this little lovely film about the rise of Hitler and it all seems so easy to happen again in our current state.

Let’s just say my faith in humanity isn’t so high right now.

I love that Bernie is still fighting, but I feel like the thing Progressives need more than anything is a ground game to fight at the local level. I don’t see a large coalition of local leaders really fighting to dismantle the dangerous effects of gerrymandering which has made a minority of Americans the majority of elected officials in this nation. I heard a stat today that 41% of voters elected 51% of representatives into office. That’s scary that this is able to happen.

People always say to put what you need out there for the universe to hear and it will become a reality. Right now, I want people to be represented proportionally and to have their voices heard and their will be done.

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