I had a debate with a friend who’s a super bleeding heart Sarah Lawrence grad who refused to even talk about George Wallace. I brought Wallace up as a point that through protest and dissent, even the most acrimonious racists and bigots can see the error in their ways. But for all my friend’s “intelligence” he refused to acknowledge that specific victory for the civil rights movement and still considered Wallace a racist till his dying days, which simply wasn’t true. It should be a reminder though to conservatives, that no matter the amount of good you do after the fact, history can choose to ignore it all and remember you for your demons and nothing else.

Facepalm of the Day

Here’s Another Way Wells Fargo Took Advantage Of Customers

“Now four former Wells Fargo employees in the Los Angeles region say the bank had another way of chiseling clients: Improperly charging them to extend their promised interest rate when their mortgage paperwork was delayed. The employees say the delays were usually the bank’s fault but that management forced them to blame the customers.”