The Future Is Here If We Want It


World’s first solar road opens in France: It’s ridiculously expensive

Here are my thoughts.

–Scaling isn’t an issue because no one’s making them en masse yet. Once they do the cost plummets.

–Correct, we should NOT start using these on roadways. We should use them on driveways and sidewalks and parking lots since those are low traffic/low-speed areas. Those could test safety and durability over a longer period of time.

–No, parking lots aren’t covered most of the time. Parking SPOTS are covered a decent amount of the time in high use areas. How many places in America do you drive by with half full (or less) parking lots? The vast majority of the country fits this description.

–The government needs to do another rebate like they did for solar roof panels and let people “repave” their driveways with these and see how they work out. It’s a better way to win over mass appeal. If they spend taxpayer dollars on sidewalks or roads and someone dies, all the haters and naysayers get a huge fucking microphone that they wouldn’t normally get if the issues happened on private land. Progressives (ie, beta testers) aren’t going to poo-poo these because they’ll want them to succeed. Instead, if something goes wrong, they’ll work with inventors to fix the issues. Beta testers love helping fix issues.

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