Taking the “click” bait

I follow The Hollywood Reporter to keep up with industry news. For a long time, I’ve noticed a huge ramp up of trolls in the comment section and wondered why THR doesn’t simply ban people more often. Then it dawned on me, they are probably making a fortune off their click-bait post titles like this one because Drudge almost always has links to them on his site. If you scroll down, you’ll even see he highlighted that specific article out of all the articles he linked to. Of course, all the “alt-right” online lunatics take the click bait and run to THR’s website to troll the comments section. Then I thought, what if THR is paying Drudge to link to their site and highlight the click bait title? What if Drudge is in cahoots with THR to throw red meat to his ignorant audience to make as much money as possible? At this point, nothing would surprise me because why would Drudge link to a Hollywood “news” site?

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